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What is Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Services?
Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Services (CDPAS) is a New York State Medicaid funded program that allows you to choose a loved one to provide personal care services and assistance with activities of daily living. This caregiver will get paid to provide you with individualized care.
Who is eligible for CDPAS?
Any patient who is a resident of New York State, qualifies for Medicaid, and requires home care, personal care or needs assistance with activities of daily living.
What are the requirements to qualify?
Consumers must have a need for assistance with day-to-day activities. They must be self-directing, or have a designated representative who can make decisions for them.
Does the Personal Assistant caregiver require a license or training?
There is NO license or training required to be a Personal Assistant caregiver.
How much will the caregiver be paid?
We offer competitive rates, paid time off, preventative health coverage, benefit card to pay for MTA Card, LIRR, Cell Phone bill, Uber, Lyft, Child Care, Health & Beauty products and more!
When will the caregiver be paid?
All caregivers are paid weekly, on Fridays. Caregivers have the opportunity to be paid instantly at the end of each shift, if they qualify. We conveniently offer direct deposit.
How do I enroll in CDPAS?
Click here to get started with our easy enrollment.
Will Ameristar send me a Personal Assistant caregiver?
No, the consumer is responsible in finding his or her Personal Assistant.