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The most individualized care comes from those that know your needs best, your loved ones.

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At Ameristar Home Care, we want to ensure that our patients receive the best care possible. CDPAS allows patients to choose their own caregivers. They can hire friends, relatives, or children to provide personal care services and assistance with daily activities. Our family caregiver program is perfect for those in need of personal care assistance, as the best care comes from a loved one. For years, our CDPAS program has provided the family caregiver program for patients across New York State. To learn more about our family caregiver program, contact us at 718-337-1100.

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It’s Fulfilling

Your loved one is compensated for providing the personalized care you need. There is no need to have a stranger in your home.

It’s Reassuring

You have the ability to choose your own caregiver whom you already trust and choose your own schedule that best fits your needs.

It’s Encouraging

You get the best care from your loved ones – this is associated with better health and longer life. With CDPAS, you are able to engage in your care plan to individualize you own care.

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You are eligible if you

  • Have or are eligible for Medicaid
  • Are a resident of New York State
  • Have an ongoing medical condition
  • Require assistance with activities of daily living
  • Are able to self-direct care or appoint someone to do so

Who can I hire as a caregiver?

  • Friend
  • Relative
  • Child
  • Legal Spouse
  • Designated representative
  • Parent caring for child under 21 years old.

The process from start to finish

Ameristar is with you from the very beginning of the way until the end. You can count on us to make sure your enrollment is made easy and done right! Click here to see the 4 easy enrollment steps.

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